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The Princess of the Unicorns

24 October, 2021

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful unicorn named Lullaby. She was very proud of herself and very selfish. The other unicorns did not like her. Lullaby and the other unicorns lived near a waterfall.

One day, a princess and asked for all the unicorns, but she didn’t want to take Lullaby because she was very proud of herself and very selfish. The princess’s name was Janet. She was very beautiful, kind and good. She had a cat. The cat’s name was Pinky.

One day, the princess and the other unicorns came near the waterfall where Lullaby lived for a visit.

The princess had to appoint one of the unicorns as the ‘Princess of the Unicorns’, but she did not know which one to choose. She knew that Lullaby was the most beautiful of them all, so she thought she should have a dinner and invite all the unicorns for it. Lullaby would be invited, too.

When Lullaby heard that she was invited, she was very excited about the dinner at the palace. Lullaby came in the evening and she had changed. She was more beautiful and she was very kind and good.

Then, all the unicorns liked her. They finished their dinner and went to bed. The next morning, Lullaby, her friends and the princess went near the waterfall where Lullaby and her friends used to live. They stayed there for a few hours. The princess was getting ready for Monday night because Monday night was the night when she would crown the ‘Princess of the Unicorns’.

The unicorns were excited about Monday night. All the unicorns went to the shop to buy accessories to wear on Monday. After that, they went for dinner and went to bed. The next morning, Lullaby and her friends were very excited because Monday had finally dawned. They were all getting ready for the night. Soon, it became night. Everyone wanted to be the’ Princess of the Unicorns’ but only one could be chosen. The Princess named Lullaby as the ‘Princess of the Unicorns’.

So, everyone was happy.


Joanna Fernando

Grade 3 J

Ladies’ College

Colombo 7