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Procedures carried out to manage pain (Part 1)

24 October, 2021

Epidurals are a basic procedure used to manage lower back pain and neck pain. Patients with symptoms of sciatica and pain shooting down the arms with evidence of a disc bulge or compression of a spinal nerve ie due to narrowing of a space proven by a MRI scan.There are 4 types of Epidurals.

: Cervical Epidural
: Thoracic Epidural
: Lumbar Epidural
: Caudal Epidural

Caudal Epidural under X ray

Another Causal Epidural

Lumbar Epidural


Facet Joint Injections

These are of 3 types according to the area. Carried out for neck and lumbar pain. Diagnosis of facet joint pain is my physical examination and X ray.

: Cervical Facet Injections

: Thoracic Facet Injections

: Lumbar Facet Injections

Lumbar Facet Injection

Next week more procedures will be discussed

Pl note all procedures carried out by the London Pain Clinic

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