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Sangeeth Madurawala, a talented digital artist

24 October, 2021

The world we are living in today has been digitised. Advanced technologies and sophisticated tools have contributed to our changing lifestyle. In this digital era, we can’t find boundaries because we have already transcended them. In a nutshell, we can’t remain untouched by the shadows of digitalisation. Sangeeth Madurawala is one of the talented digital artists who has captivated our eyes through his versatility.

In an interview with the Youth Observer, Sangeeth shares his ideas and memories about digital art.

He had his education at D.B. Welagedara Central College and completed his A/Ls in the Arts stream. He had studied Art, Geography and History at school. Sangeeth who has a knack for digital art has followed many international artists. “I am a self learner, therefore, I don’t have a proper syllabus to follow. That is why I was not confined to anything. I would like to view it as a golden opportunity,” he said.

Speaking of his creativity, his creations uploaded on his facebook account will bear testimony to his talents. When asked about the support from his parents and friends, he counted himself lucky to have very supportive parents and siblings. “My parents never forced me to do what I don’t like. They created a good atmosphere for me to continue what I want. My friends encouraged me by commenting on my creations and sharing them with their friends,” he said. Not surprisingly, Sangeeth Madurawala has cemented himself as a digital graphic designer too. At present, some art galleries have invited Sangeeth to contribute his creations.


Challenges and obstacles shape our lives. One of the biggest challenges that digital artist Sangeeth had to take up was the fact that it has become difficult for him to gain a profound knowledge about the field of digital art. “I don’t like to fumble in the darkness without knowledge. Therefore, I gave the first priority to improve my knowledge. I am a self learner. So I have not followed any course to study digital art. That is why it was really hard for me to cover up every salient area of digital art. I follow many artists outside the country because they generate different styles as well,” he said.

Sangeeth who studied art in school is not alien to digital art. When asked about the impact of the Covid pandemic, he noted that he had to spend time at home without getting distracted by anything. Therefore, he could focus on digital art. As noted by Sangeeth, even though there are many talented artists in the country, it has become impossible for them to gain opportunities to show their talent.


According to Sangeeth, most people in the country tend to think that digital art is limited to comics. As a result, there can’t be found more avenues for the talented digital artists who can go beyond comic arts. “I think that many people don’t think about the possibilities and opportunities that they can get through digital art. It still seems to be new to most people. Therefore, I feel that I can absorb new knowledge by following artists outside the country,” Sangeetha said.


Sangeeth who has found his niche in digital art has distinguished himself as a talented digital artist. His ambition is to hold an art exhibition. There is no doubt that his message is precious for all budding artists and digital artists out there.

Sangeeth said, “Opportunities never to come to us. We have to grab opportunities without missing them. The most essential factor is knowledge. I studied the history of digital art before focusing on the subject. We have to strengthen our knowledge by exploring more styles and methods.” All in all, it is evident that talented artists like Sangeeth Madurawala can brighten our art culture.