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Where We Are

24 October, 2021

Where We Are, an online exhibition depicting how Covid-19 and the resulting lockdowns in the country have lent themselves to art and the way we make it, will be held from today till October 31.

Early access starts today at 9.00 am and the series goes public by noon.

The current pandemic and its resultant lockdowns have been a transformative if difficult experience for most of us. It has pushed our collective boundaries as a species as well as persons. It has been an especially trying time for many artists the world over. It has also been a paradigm shifting blessing in disguise that has opened new avenues and reconfigured how art is viewed, circulated and collected. Two friends have come together in making their small mark in this shifting landscape in the form of a joint online exhibition.

”Where We Are is an expression of how Covid-19 and the resulting lockdowns in our country have lent themselves to our art and the way we make it. It is a snapshot in time that aims to convey the layered experience that is our existence within this envelope of time as artists, and human beings, "Neleisha Weerasinghe and Charuni Ranchigoda said.

Neleisha Weerasinghe is an established artist with several exhibitions under her belt, while CharuniRanchigoda is an architect for whom this will be her first exhibition. The connecting thread between the two artists is a lifelong friendship. “We were best friends since about nine years of age.

Our friendship has remained a special and cherished part of who we are as persons and also artists. In a way, Where We Are is also a celebration of our friendship.

It is a celebration of endurance, survival and continuation which has been the overarching theme for us during these times.”

What started out as a lockdown art journal by Neleisha has now evolved into a joint exhibition which has taken shape in the most serendipitous way, according to the artists.

“For us, creating art has always been a joyous thing. We would like more people to view and experience our art as well as to take with them the hope and trust we feel for a better prepared, more aware future through the transformative times we are all emerging from.

We invite everyone to view our labour of love, to engage with our art and to share with us their valuable expressions.”