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SDB bank hosts GABV Asia Pacific Chapter

21 November, 2021

In rallying the environmentally and socially conscious banks and financial institutions in the region, SDB bank was the host of the Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Chapter of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, on November 16-17.

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), founded in 2009, is a network of banking leaders from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector.

This year’s regional gathering conducted virtually due to the ongoing pandemic, provided the platform for member institutions to share insights on the post-Covid 19 strategies that they have adopted to support people and businesses to remain resilient and catalyse a sustainable recovery.

With over half a million people driven into poverty by the Covid 19 pandemic in Sri Lanka - according to the estimates of the World Bank - and with Government being constrained due to lack of fiscal space to invest in economic recovery, the dialogue served to highlight the importance of the financial sector in mobilising sustainable finance in emerging economies such as Sri Lanka and the need for international cooperation to reorient capital to where it is most needed.