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More than a carpenter

21 November, 2021

If you are lucky to have read More than a carpenter and weighed the facts experienced his love the way Josh Mcdowell and his son Sean have put it across, you will be surprised as to what happens. For those who lived and died over two centuries ago, who claimed and ridiculed Jesus as a simple Hebrew carpenter was truly the son of God he claimed to be.

It is there in the Holy Bible. The Bible is a universal book of truth about believing Christians. Even at the beginning faithful men and women who faced challenges similar to our own, Jesus was there comforting them more as a carpenter was able, more than shepherd was able because we all are his chosen children. At some point in our lives, we have strayed and denied him taking the side of Satan. We had denied him yielding to the temptations like Adam and Eve.

Was Jesus angry?

No, never because we all are his chosen children.

In the preceding generations, many people held opinion if one cannot prove a thing scientifically, it cannot be factual. Here again, a great scientist of our time Dr. James Conant, a former Harvard President says: “Science is an interconnected series of concepts and conceptual schemes that have developed as a result of experimentation and observations.

They may be right or wrong but are fruitful for further experimentations and observations. I am not qualified enough to challenge his theory which stands at a striking distance because testing the truth of a hypothesis by controlled experiments is only one of the modern scientific methods against many others.”

This subject confuses me. I am up against the tower to assert things by myself being clueless about such a vast subject, contained in the Holy Bible.

I took a break from this harrowing situation I tried in vain to assert myself with no answer in sight.

Will I find the answer?

How science has disproved the basis of rational faith. How people can be good without God.

Then I pondered

What about atheism? The Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky famously said that without God all is permissible. What did he mean? Can there be a moral standard without God? Those questions take me years and years back to my Sunday school days. One little girl when I tried to introduce the Creation in simple way, asked me at the end, “And who created God. I was taken by surprise. I still haven’t found the answer.

In lighter vein: When Neil Armstrong returned to earth from space, he was accorded a State reception being the first to do. As he addressed the gathering, he caw a Bishop in the audience and said to him, “You talk so much about God, but I never saw-him even in space”. The Bishop answered him gently, “You certainly would have had your engine failed.”

Over 15 million books sold changed my life to better understanding of God whose trail I followed over since I was able to understand His words. With time I read two books backward, The New Testament from the Holy Bible and Shakespeare Works.

Though I am unable to be smart now with years slipping away from my life, the spirit is still there haunting me each time I lay my hands on them. I thank Jesus for that special bond between both of us.