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Andare eats curd

21 November, 2021

Many of you must have heard about Andare, the court jester. There are many stories about him and this is a story about how he ate curd.

Delicious milk

Andare’s place of birth was in Southern Sri Lanka. The South is famous for curd made out of buffalo milk. The area had grass which was excellent and the buffaloes ate this and produced delicious milk and this in turn went into the making of t delicious buffalo curd.

Southerners love curd. Andare was no different. He loved curd.

One day, as was his custom, Andare visited the palace. The King was having lunch and he invited Andare to have lunch with him.

Andare was very hungry but he did not want the King to know that. He said, “Thank you, Your Majesty, but I just had my lunch and my stomach is full”

Since Andare said he was not hungry the King continued to eat.

Now, when Andare saw the delicious food on the table it made his mouth water. His great hunger became unbearable.

Andare felt sorry that he had told the King that he was not hungry. He hoped that the King would invite him to have lunch with him gain.

However, the King went on eating without saying anything

At last, Andare could not stand it any longer. He asked the King, “Your Majesty, please, have you any curd “?

Thus puzzled the King as Andare had just declared that he was not hungry.

“ Yes, I have but why do you ask ‘? asked the King. “ You said you are not hungry”.

“Even though I ate my lunch I could not have any curd” replied Andare.

“ But how can you eat curd if your stomach is full” asked the King.

“Though my belly is full there is always room for curd,” replied Andare.

“But if your belly is full how can you eat curd” said the King again.

Cunning Andare

Cunning Andare said, Your Majesty, curd is the King of food. You know, there is always room for the King everywhere he goes.

Even in a crowded place there will always be room for you to move around. So, curd is like you. There will always be room for it even in a full stomach”. The King agreed and invited Andare to have lunch with him.

Andare ate the curd to his heart’s content and enjoyed every mouthful of it and left the castle a happy man.

Source: Folkloree