Brotherhood | Sunday Observer


21 November, 2021

We all have sisters and brothers.They are special brothers and sisters born out of the same womb.Though brothers and sisters fight and scold each other they love each other.

When we are away from each other we feel very lonely. There is no sibling to laugh or fight or cry with or to scold. You feel angry if someone hurts your sibling because you love your sibling.

Sometimes, you may think it is better not to have a sibling. But remember, wherever you go it will alays be only your siblings who will be with you.

Your friends may get angry with you but your siblings will always forgive you and show you the right path.

Love and help each other. Don't lose anyone’s brotherhood. Protect them carefully. Brotherhood means cooperation.

U. Wassika Dewmin Udaya Kumara
Grade 9 G
K/ Lakdasa de Mel College