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My pet cat

21 November, 2021

I have a pet cat. Its name is Bella. It is black, white and gold in colour. It is four months old. We got Bella when it was sixteen days. We put it in to a blue basket and took it home in our car.

Bella has a little injury in its left eye but we do not care about it and we love Bella very much. Because I do not have any siblings and also because of this pandemic I can’t see any of my friends, Bella has been a really good friend of mine. It is not only my friend but also our pet fish’s friend. Bella loves to look at its fish friend. However, the fish is scared of it and swims away whenever Bella comes to see it. But hopefully they will become good friends one day. Everyone in our family and close relatives love to play with Bella. Its loves to play.

Playing, eating and sleeping are the most important parts of Bella’s daily routine. I am so glad that my parents decided to give me a pet cat.

Now, I spend my leisure time with Bella and I am so happy. We all love Bella.

Sarasi Tharumila
Grade 08
Gothami Girls’ school
Colombo 10