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The Princess and the frog

21 November, 2021

Once upon a time, there was a pretty Princess who lived in a magnificent castle by a river. She had a beautiful golden ball with which she loved to play.

One day, while the Princess was playing with her golden ball on the riverbank the ball fell into the river. The Princess was very upset. She knelt on the river bank and peered into the river hoping to spot the ball. Suddenly, a frog popped out of the river and spoke to the Princess.


“ If you make me a promise, I will get your ball for you,” said the frog to the Princess.

“I will”, promised the Princess to the frog.

“You must let me sit with you, eat with you and sleep in your bed with you” said, the little green frog to the Princess.

‘I promise” said the Princess.

No sooner had the Princess promised the frog dived into the river and soon came up with the golden ball.

A happy Princess went back to the castle tossing her ball up high.

The next morning, the little green frog hopped to the castle and asked to see the Princess. She was in the Grand Chamber with her father, the King. The frog was taken to the Grand Chamber.

The frog told the Princess, “I would like to sit with you”.

‘Eek” said the Princess.

But the King told the Princess sternly, “ If you gave the frog a promise, you must keep it”.

The frog was allowed to sit with the Princess. Then, the frog told the Princess, “I would like to eat with you”.

‘Yucky yuck” cried the Princess.

But the King said that if she had promised the frog the promise must be kept.The frog was allowed to eat with the Princess.

The frog then asked to sleep in the Princess’s bed with her.

‘No, no” said the princess but the King made her keep her promise to the frog.The frog slept in the Princess’s bed with her.

Handsome Prince

Suddenly, the frog turned into a handsome Prince. He had been under a spell and the Princess by keeping her promise had broken the spell.

The handsome prince fell in love with the pretty Princess and they married and lived happily ever after

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