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Rivers in Sri Lanka

21 November, 2021

There are about 103 rivers in Sri Lanka. Most of the rivers start in the Central Hill Country and flow in many directions.The most well known river in Sri Lanka is the Mahaweli. It is the longest river in Sri Lanka and is about 335 km long. It starts from Adam’s Peak and falls into the sea at Trincomalee. The Mahaweli is very beautiful. It helps to maintain a good environment. There are many rocks on either side of the river.

This river helps us as well as animals. It also helps to produce hydro electricity. We use it for industrial and domestic purposes. The Mahaweli River helps farmers with irrigation. We must protect our rivers by not polluting them. We should protect them and save it for future generations.

Ameera Luffar
Grade 8
Mubarak International School