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21 November, 2021

Schoolboy attempts suicide

PERADENIYA: A 15-year-old schoolboy attempted suicide after his school teachers sought to talk to his parents over his aggressive behaviour.

The boy had attempted to hang himself at his home but was saved by the timely intervention of his elder sister.

The sister had raised the alarm that brought their parents rushing to the scene and saved the boy.

He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Peradeniya Hospital.


Two arrested after botched robbery

NAWALA: Two suspects allegedly involved in a botched break-in of a pawning centre later raided a hardware store only to be arrested several hours later on the same day.

The duo had arrived at the hardware store in Nawala in a three-wheeler and stolen five water pumps and several reels of high voltage electricity wire.

The pawning centre was also nearby.

They were nabbed after police were provided with CCTV footage in the vicinity.

Investigators said that one suspect had a criminal record.

The two men are residents of Rajagiriya and Dehiwala.


Girl dies in tragic suicide pact with lover

DIMBULA: A 17-year-old girl died in a tragic suicide pact with her teenaged lover at an abandoned motel in Dimbula last week.

The duo had decided to commit suicide by consuming poison after the parents on both sides objected to their love affair, the teenager who survived told police.

The teenager had called a friend and told him that he and his lover had consumed poison to end their lives and provided the location.

The friend had instantly alerted the police who had rushed to the scene only to find the girl had already died and her lover in a critical condition.


Four held at illegal armoury

PARAYANAMKULAM: Four people were taken into custody following a raid on a clandestine armoury at Parayanamkulam.

An assortment of raw materials used in the manufacture of firearms was also seized during the raid.

The armoury had been in operation for a considerable period of time, investigators said.

The suspects aged 25, 28, 30 and 32 are residents of Settikulam.


Mystery death at Norwood

NORWOOD: Mystery surrounds the death of a 20-year-old man whose body was found floating in the Castlereigh Reservoir at Norwood last week.

The man had gone missing the previous day. The authorities were alerted by a swimmers who had found the victim’s footwear and mobile phone on the reservoir bank.

Police are investigating to ascertain the circumstances that led to the man’s death.

He was identified as Sarath Kumara, a resident of Norwood.