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Yohani Releases new single

21 November, 2021

Sri Lanka’s viral sensation Yohani has released her new single ‘Moving On’. Poised as one of the biggest rising artists out of Sri Lanka, Yohani recently enjoyed huge success in India with her cover of ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ (translated to ‘In My Heart’). Recorded in her native tongue, ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ is the first Sinhalese hit song in India, peaking at #1 on the India Top 50 Spotify Chart, surpassing 170 million YouTube views and 18 million streams.

A genre-breaking force of nature who intermingles pop, R&B, hip-hop, and alternative with a fiery yet focused fluidity, “Moving On” twists and turns through guitar-laced beats and fluttering pop melodies into a rap bridge. Seamlessly switching between English and Sinhalese,the track reflects every side of Yohani’s sizzling signature style and illuminates her predisposition for sonic alchemy and unpredictable energy.

“It’s not a sad song for me,” says Yohani of the track. “It’s about moving on from anything in life, but with confidence. You’re pushing through and embracing your power. It’s punchy, and you can dance to it, but it’s got a Sri Lankan vibe on the bridge.”

‘Moving On’ is accompanied by a stunning music video. Joined by some friends in various locations, Yohani can be seen navigating life post break-up with positivity and resilience in this uplifting visual, destined to have you dancing along to in no time. Written and directed by Dilanjan Seneviratne, the music video is a collaborative effort between local record label Pettah Effect and production partner Theewra.

Out now via Red Bull Records, the single is the latest in a series of releases from global artists through the label this year. “I am very excited to be taking Sri Lankan music to the world. I am positive this partnership with Red Bull will ‘give wiiings’ to my music,” said Yohani.

Born in Colombo, Yohani’s parents introduced her to classics by The Bee Gees at a young age. She took piano lessons as a kid and eventually picked up the trumpet, French horn, the recorder, ukulele, and guitar, teaching herself the latter on YouTube while she was doing her A-levels in London. In between undergrad in Sri Lanka and a master’s degree program in Australia, she immersed herself in as much music as possible, discovering Western artists on YouTube, listening to everyone from Rihanna, Eminem, Alicia Keys, and John Mayer to trip-hop such as Portishead, Zero7, and Massive Attack, in addition to metal mainstays Avenged Sevenfold.

In 2016, she launched her YouTube account with a cover of Above & Beyond’s ‘Satellite / Stealing Time’. Armed with just a guitar and a microphone, her renditions of ‘Deviyange Bare’ [feat. Sanuka] went viral and cracked one million views on YouTube. In between marathon gigs at pubs around the city, she attracted management and received an invite to perform at a Red Bull concert. Taking the stage by storm, she nailed her mash-up of various Sinhala pop hits, generating millions of streams and views independently.