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The course of a river

5 December, 2021

What Is the course of a river?

It is the route or way in which the river goes from the mountains to the ocean.

These are the three courses : upper course, middle course and lower course.

The start of a river is called it’s source and the end of a river is called the mouth.

Rivers go from mountains, and flow through or meanders through floodplains, tributaries, oxbow lakes, the mouth and then to the sea or the ocean.

Here are some examples of rivers : The Mississippi, Indus, Nile, Congo, Amazon, Volga and the Thames.

Water is stored in dams, reservoirs, lakes and ponds.

The longest river is the River Nile which is 4,000 miles long.

The largest river is the Amazon which has much water, more than any other river.


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