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The golden cucumber

5 December, 2021

Many years ago, there lived a farmer who cultivated paddy in his fields and vegetables in his chena (slash and burn plot). He grew manioc and potatoes, golden cucumbers and many types of grains.

One day, the farmer was working in his chena when he spotted a golden cucumber or a ran kekira. He kept a watch on it and was happy to see it grow well day by day.

One day, the farmer thought "This is a unique fruit and rather than eat it I should gift it to someone who will enjoy it more than I. Who should I gift it to”?

Rate Rala

At once, the Rate Rala, a chieftain came to his mind.

He was a good man who always helped the poor and the King had appointed him.

The farmer went to the chieftain’s house and gifted the golden cucumber to him.

The farmer told the Rate Rala that he was the one who deserved the golden cucumber which had grown in his, the farmer’s garden.

The chieftain was very happy to know that the farmer respected him so much and wondered how he could repay him.

A cow

The chieftain’s eye fell on his cow which was tethered to a tree. ”Ah, that is the ideal gift for this man”, thought the chieftain and gifted the cow to the surprised farmer.

The farmer was delighted to get a cow in return for a cucumber and went home marvelling at his good fortune.

The news of a cow being given in exchange for a cucumber spread like wild fire in the village.

Another villager thought that if the chieftain had gifted a cow for a cucumber he would give something like land or a paddy field for a valuable gift.

This man decided to gift his black bull to the chieftain in the hope of receiving a valuable gift.

He took his bull to the chieftain and praising the chieftain he gifted his bull to him.

Intelligent man

The chieftain was an intelligent man. He remembered the incident of the golden cucumber and realised that the man was gifting the bull expecting something more valuable in return.

The chieftan thanked the man very much and said, “ I must give you an equally valuable gift” . The man protested saying he did not expect a gift in return but secretly hoping that he would get a valuable gift.

The chieftain brought the golden cucumber and gave it to the man saying, I got this in exchange for a cow.

Therefore, this golden cucumber is as valuable as a cow and is a fitting gift for you.

A thoroughly disappointed man went home sadly regretting what he had done.


Source: Folklore