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My house

5 December, 2021

My name is Isuri Wijekoon. I live in Kandy. My house is also in Kandy.It is very big and beautiful.There are three bedrooms and a beautiful kitchen. White, yellow and green are the colours of my house. My sister and I have a nice study room .

All rooms in my house are very well lighted. The windows have very beautiful curtains and all rooms are very clean and tidy. There is a small and gorgeous garden in front of my house. We also have a swing in the garden, and flowers, fruit trees and vegetables.

I feel very secure and safe in my house. When I return from school I feel very secure and safe.

Everyday, I help to keep my house neat and tidy.

I love my house very much.


Isuri Wijekoon

Grade 8 D

K/ Girls’ High School