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The three Billy Goats

5 December, 2021

Once upon a time there,were three Billy Goats who lived near a bridge. On the other side of the bridge there was plenty of tasty grass. under this bridge there lived a nasty troll.

One day, the first Billy Goat said,” I am hungry. I am going to the other side to eat the tasty grass”.

And off he went over the bridge. His hooves made a clicking noise on the bridge, click clack, click, clack.

Up jumped the nasty troll. He said to the first Billy Goat “I am going to eat you”.

“Please, don’t me. Eat the second Billy Goat Gruff. He is plump and nice.”

Soon after, the second Billy Goat felt hungry. He said, “ I am hungry and I am going over the bridge to eat some tasty grass”.

He went over the bridge and his hooves went click clack on the bridge.

Up jumped the troll and said,”I am going to gobble you”.

"Please don’t eat me “ said, the second Billy Goat. Eat the third Billy Goat. He is fat and nice”. So, the troll let the second Billy Goat go. Soon after, the third Billy Goat felt hungry. “ I am hungry and I am going across the bridge to eat the grass on the other side, he said.

So, away went the third Billy Goat and his hooves weny c;ickety clack on the bridge.

Up jumped the troll and said “ I am going to eat you”.

“Oh, no, said the the third Billy Goat. I am going to eat you up”.

And that was the end of the wicked troll.