Dilan Gauthamadasa to release new song soon | Sunday Observer

Dilan Gauthamadasa to release new song soon

5 December, 2021

Dilan Gauthamadasa, an amateur lyricist being registered as a Sri Lankan lyricist in the international music structure, is a significant milestone in his lyrical journey.

Having completed 53 songs overcoming various hurdles in the nearly seven years since he wrote his first song ‘Himi Wenne Nethi Tharam Oya’ in 2013.

“As a Sri Lankan lyricist, I have established an identity in the international music domain as ‘Dilan Gauthamadasa’,” Dilan says.

“This international registration helps us to distribute and promote our creations internationally as well as to easily collect relevant music royalties through various digital platforms. The situation today is that we are writing these songs in a field based on digital aspects.

“A journey that goes hand in hand with competition. During the Corona era, I planned a lot of new creations and now I think it’s time to create them one by one. Having a license is like having a license. I keep writing songs as long as the fan enjoys my songs. In addition to writing songs, I am fluent in the Russian language. “Also, knowing how to sing a song in Russian and Sinhala, which has been a big dream for a long time, is a great strength for me to be registered in this international arena,” Dilan said.

A new song written by Dilan is due to be released this month.