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The beginning of a vibrant music era

9 January, 2022
Images: Thilak Perera
Images: Thilak Perera

Music can lighten our mood and heal our hearts by reducing stress. In our country there can be found gems which can brighten the country’s music industry. The Youth Observer which always widens the horizon of youth caught up with talented singers Thisal and Rumalki.

Thisal Thulnith Moragoda, born and bred in Kandy had his education at Trinity College. At present, he is reading for a degree in Cyber Security.

Art is not a strange field for Thisal who hails from an artistic family. His father, Wasantha Moragoda has been in the field of cinema and music for years.

Thisal started his acting career through commercial advertisements. He had proven his versatility to the country through the film Mouse directed by his father Wasantha Moragoda. He played the main role of ‘Sukiri’ in the film. Young Thisal won the award for the Best Actor at the International SAARC Film Festival held in Sri Lanka at the age of 12. Indeed, it is a milestone in his life. “ I started my career as an actor when I was 12. At that time, I stayed in my grandparents’ home. It was my grandfather who looked after me. Sadly, he passed away last month.”

Thisal’s music

“I prioritise the feelings and lyrics of songs. Lyrics should be meaningful. We have to use the music video to heighten the same feelings in the song” he said. Thisal has a growing interest in both our traditional music and dancing.

Therefore, he has been involved in such events. When the writer asked about his favourite musician his reply was Chanuka Moragoda. The main reason for this is the fact that Chanuka’s music has been influenced by our traditional music.

Speaking of the available opportunities for young artistes,he said that even though there are more opportunities in the country now, undoubtedly the entire system is far behind the required standards.

“I believe that there are many opportunities for artistes but we don’t have a standardised system. I am looking for such a standardized system”, Thisal stressed.

He said that there are talented singers who can take the Sri Lankan music industry up to the international level. We want our songs to be played in the international music playlists. Therefore, we have to encourage our talented artistes. “he said.

Rumalki Fernando and her musical journey

Rumalki who was born with a special unique talent has showcased her skills and talents through her songs. Being a dancer and singer she has made a name for herself on the You Tube Platform. Rumalki’s creations are available on her You Tube channel.

She had her education at Ladies’ College, Colombo. She had followed courses and some singers to hone her knowledge and has won awards at the All Island Music Competitions. Currently, she is reading for a degree. Speaking of her voice trainers, she said a big thank you should go to Sanchitha Wickramasuriya and Peshali Yapa.

Undoubtedly, Rumalki who has found her niche in the music field has rocked the You Tube arena with her song Me Re Payanna. Further more, It is evident that Rumalki focuses on the melody when composing music. As said by Rumalki, we can gain the attention of the international community towards our Sinhala songs, if there are western music styles embedded in Sinhala songs.

Undoubtedly, Rumalki has dedicated her life to enrich our music industry through her talents. She has distinguished herself not only as a singer but also as a dancer.

Rumalki whose bones seem to be made of rubber has amazed the audience at dance shows. Evidently, Rumalki can be considered as one of the best dancers in our country.

There should be institutes of a high standard for western dance. Such courses should be conducted by well qualified instructors. Otherwise, we cannot create a good arena for our artistes Rumalki said.

Speaking of the challenges, the school in which she studied had not allowed its students to make YouTube appearances.. As a result, Rumalki had to overcome many challenges and obstacles in releasing her maiden song ‘Himidiriye’.

The lyrics for ‘Himidiriye’ was penned by Wasantha Moragoda and the music was composed by Sanka.

However, schools should not confine children to books and exams. Such talented students need opportunities to show their talents. Otherwise, schools will produce only bookworms.

‘Me re payanna’

Surely the song ‘Me re Payanna’ will be an amazing musical experience for all of us. This songby Rumalki Fernando has swerved from the long established music styles and rhythm.

Rumalki says, musicians should be able to transcend all boundaries in composing music.

The lyrics for the song had been written by Ushani Wijewantha and music for the song was composed by Chanuka Moragoda.

As stressed by Thisal, they had to undergo many hardships in completing the music video during the pandemic situation. Except for ‘Me re payanna’, ‘Anora Wesse’ is another song by Rumalki’s dulcet voice.

Rumalki intends to do a Hindi cover song. Speaking of her goals, she intends to release a new song blended with both Western and Sri Lankan traditional music styles. Ske is interested in songs by Umariya and B n N.

Support from parents

“I have to mention my parents. They encouraged me. It is my grandfather who looked after me. I stayed with them in my childhood said Thisal.

To my question about the giant pillars behind Rumalki ‘s achievements she said that her parents had given everything.

My parents helped me. Other than my parents,Wasantha Moragoda,Thisal Moragoda, Chanuka Moragoda, Sanchitha Moragoda and Peshali Yapa supported me

Message for budding artistes

Rumalki says that music is a vast subject that we have to study. If we have an interest in music we should continue it. ”If you want to stay in the music field y you have to love music. Never give up and follow your dreams” she said.

There is no doubt that we have to empower our talented artistes such as Thisal and Rumalki for the enrichment of our music industry.