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Abans cookers provide safety and covenience

16 January, 2022

Every kitchen has a star appliance, an appliance that you can be proud off, an appliance that you can be sure off in terms of not just styling and ease of use but also in terms of safety and durability.

The Abans and Abans Signature range of cookers come in varied sizes from 50cm to 90cm, the range comes with only gas, only electric or in hybrid format. These units have the cooker and oven built in the same unit and thus saves on space. It’s shorter height and smaller foot prints too assist in occupying less space and is convenient to use. An important feature is its incorporation of safety features such as the Flame Failure Device or the FFD, which simply means in case the flame is blown off accidentally the gas supply to the cooker would be automatically switched off. It is a feature that may not sound much but could well end up saving lives.

The built-in ovens havean unique feature whereby the cooling fans monitorsthe temperature and cools the handles and knobs of the cookware, thus you can touch the same without the need of gloves, a feature not too many brands can boast off. The design of these hobs also helps with lower electricity and gas consumption.

No matter what your requirement is, Abans has a cooker that is just right for you. Combine these with the Abans Hoods that have built-in carbon and aluminium filters. These eliminate smoke and odour for a cleaner and fresher kitchen, whether your kitchen is large or small these hoods are a useful utility.

They are available with push button and touch function options for ultimate convenience. The range of Abans Hobs and Hoods come in sizes ranging from 60cm to 70cm.