Aitken Spence Elevators plants 1,000 saplings | Sunday Observer

Aitken Spence Elevators plants 1,000 saplings

16 January, 2022

Aitken Spence Elevators planted a tree belt recently along the Southern Expressway. The tree belt includes plants such as Kumbuk - 760, Mee – 200, Karanda – 20, and Neem – 20 adding up to 1,000 trees which covers the entire length of the expressway, a section of approximately 3 km from Palatuwa to Mattala via Andarawewa. The program was implemented in collaboration with the Road Development Authority (RDA) and Geo Explore Foundation.

CEO of Aitken Spence Elevators, Chaminda Hindurangala said, “A tree is a powerful symbol of life and planting a tree where possible is a gesture of protecting life on earth. We strongly believe that planting trees and increasing our green cover are essential to negate the ongoing loss of biodiversity and, to some degree, mitigate adverse climate change. This project is one of many such sustainability projects that we plan and continue to do.”

The campaign was initiated as part of a broader plan to help climate change mitigation by creating carbon sinks, improving soil and water quality, curb noise pollution as well as to preserve endemic plants.