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The Carrot Prince

16 January, 2022

Once upon a time, there lived a princess called Marina. She was very proud of her beauty. Many princes around the world asked to marry her, but she would always find a fault of theirs and decline to marry them.


Five princes

One day five princes asked to marry her.

The first prince was very tall and the next prince was very short. So, she declined both of them. The next prince was very fat and she said no to him too. The fourth prince was extremely thin.

“Even the wind can take him away” said princess Marina. The last prince was very handsome but his chin looked like a pointy fat carrot. And because of his chin Marina refused him.

Her father, King Taladon became very angry.

“The first beggar I see you will marry ”shouted King Talodon. All the princes laughed and left the palace.

Things were going right for Marina until one day the King was walking in his garden and saw a beggar playing his flute.

The beggar

King Taladon called the beggar inside. The beggar came in. “What is your name?” asked the King. “Aaron, Your majesty.”replied the beggar. “Guards! Call princess Marina here.” said the King. “Yes, Your Highness,” said the Guards.

When Princess Marina came King Taladon said, “Aaron, this is my daughter Marina. And Marina, this is Aaron and you two will be married”, said King Taladon.

“You can't do that father!” cried Marina. “Yes I can,” said the King. And they got married.“I can't keep a beggar inside my palace,” said king Taladon.


The Carrot Prince

Marina and Aaron went outside the kingdom They walked for miles until they reached a small hut. “From now on you will live here.” said Aaron. He prepared supper. After supper, Aaron took Marina on a short walk. They reached a beautiful river and sat down close to a tree.“Who is ruling this beautiful kingdom asked Marina. to?”.

“The Carrot Prince.” replied Aaron. “Funny name. Why is he called the Carrot Prince?” asked Marina. “Because his chin is like a pointy, fat carrot,” replied Aaron.

“Ahh! I should have married him then this beautiful kindom would belong to me too,” said Marina. “So you don't like me?” shouted Aaron. “No, no I like you,” said Marina.

After few days, Marina got a job in the palace. One day, when she was washing the dishes she heard the chef saying, “I wonder who the Prince is going to marry.”


The marriage proposal

Marina thought that if she would sweep the hall better she would get paid better. She went upstairs to get more news about the wedding.

Then the Carrot Prince jumped in front of her and asked her to marry him. “But I'm already married to someone called Aaron,” she said. “That is me I was just disguised as a beggar.” said The Carrot Prince.

Then Marina laughed and happily accepted his proposal. They had a grand wedding and they lived happily ever after.


H.G. Sasmi Sithumsa

Grade 6

Lyceum International School