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A page from my ‘pandemic diary’

16 January, 2022

15th December 2021

It has been two years after Corona raised its ugly head and the world is now locked down. Our lives are still going on but in a different way. Wearing masks, keeping social distance, and being at home is the order of the day. Maybe this will be our future life, we won’t get a chance to play like earlier, to go anywhere like earlier, to meet friends like earlier. Maybe the world will get used to stay like this, maybe this will never end, new kinds of viruses will appear, people will die daily.

Finally, we see a small invisible particle has changed the whole world. That particle claimed millions of innocent lives. I don’t know how many more lives will be taken.

But I think this happened because of people’s own fault, maybe as a punishment. Instead of protecting the Earth we destroy it, cut millions of trees and kill millions of animals. They also have a right to live but we think we are greater than animals, but if we look closely we will realise that it’s completely wrong. The meaning of greatness is taking care of all around you, treating all as the same and being kind to everyone.

But none of these can be seen at present because humans commit sins. For example, ants are one of the smallest insects. Ants have all these qualities and humans are miles away from them.

We are jealous of others, we measure people by their appearance, by their clothes, and by their vehicles,.

We never respect all humans equally, we discriminate people, We try to achieve success by cheating others and do all the bad things. But if we look at animals we can see all the good things in them, what people haven’t. But we kill them.

Deforestation is also very destructive. The best example is the cutting of the Sinharaja forest. It’s a world heritage, how can people make up their mind to cut it? This is called destruction by our own hand.

So the Corona is our punishment for all the bad things done on Earth by humans. This will end when we are punished enough. Until that day we have to stay patiently because we are the ones who did this to ourselves.

May be the virus will exist for a few more years or for hundreds of years.


Malini Nisithma

Grade 9

St. Joseph’s Girls' College