Migratory birds on the increase | Sunday Observer

Migratory birds on the increase

23 January, 2022

Large numbers of migratory birds can be seen along the coastal belt of the Eastern Coast. These birds arrive during this period as it is the most suitable season for them to bring out their offspring. According to Wildlife Authorities this season in this part of Sri Lanka has been declared as the most conducive area for these migrant Birds to make use of the best climate available for this purpose.

Most of these migrant birds can now be seen in areas close to ponds sites, rivers and open grasslands. At present most of these birds can be seen in areas such as Kuduvil in Irakkamam, Akkaraipattu, Sammanthurai and Pottuvil. When their offsprings are in fine shape to fly far away distances they move out of Sri Lanka along with offsprings.

Among the species that are largely present in these areas are flamingoes, pelicans and big black and white cranes are seen in plen