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The evolution of the meme culture

23 January, 2022

When you scroll down on your FaceBook wall, you may have shared different types of memes with your friends. A meme can be a picture, a video clip or a picture with a text. Most memes can be found to be very funny but sadly some memes that you share can provoke even ethnic conflicts.

Every meme carries a message which can either delight or hurt someone. You have to be careful when you share them on facebook with someone because the content of the meme has an impact on others.

But did you know how the meme culture evolved? The purpose of this article is to reveal how this meme culture began to evolve and flourish.

The meme theory was developed by a British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book ‘The Selfish Gene’. The term ‘Meme’ is derived from Greek which means ‘Imitate’.

Memes carrying information can be transmitted from one person to another. The concept of meme remains theoretical within memes culture. Most of the time, they can take multiple forms such as an idea, skill and behaviour.

As noted by experts, the transmission of memes can occur when a person copies a unit of cultural information. Today, memes are being used as a tool in the business world. Yes of course, it is a useful tool.

But remember that the same knife can be used for shaving a beard and severing a neck. Memes can convey ideas and messages related to religious, social and political themes.

Sometimes, there are conflicts when both parties (sender and receiver) maintain the same opinions. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of memes.

Pros of memes

1. Memes are creative and can attract the attention of your audience. Perhaps that is why memes have become indispensable in the business world. What is intriguing is that memes convey innuendo and humorous ideas. Companies can create memes based on their brand names in an interesting manner. As a result, people don’t think twice to react to them.

2. Memes can play the role of a stress-reliever. Creative memes are related to our daily life and convey a funny idea reducing our stress. Such memes can cushion blows to our hearts when we experience problems.

3. We can spontaneously remember the content of memes because they spread information creatively. Memes can become viral within a short time.

4. You can easily install apps designed to create memes without paying even a cent. Another advantage is that there can be found many facebook pages which accommodate new meme creations.

5. If you are a facebook page admin, the first challenge you have to take up is to generate more likes and reach for your page. The possible option which is freely available is meme. It does not cost you.

6. The most important ingredient in memes is humour. That is why you naturally get involved in the meme.

Cons of memes

1. At present, memes are being used to support political parties. In such a backdrop, anyone can sling mud on others through memes. Most of the time, face book page admins take photos of their target people without their knowledge and create memes. Needless to say that such memes which are being shared on facebook can embarrass those target people.

2. Memes undoubtedly can create violence and provoke issues in the country. Because they are viral they can cover a big audience irrespective of nations and boundaries.

3. Children can get addicted to memes because of its creativity and humour and it can disrupt their studies as well.

4. Memes can diminish your ability to comprehend a text because it gives a picture directly. As a result, you will show an unwillingness to read.

However, we can use memes for positive purposes such as creating reconciliation in the country. Obviously, Memes are a good trend on social media platforms. [email protected]