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Kenuli - talented and versatile

13 March, 2022


Kenuli Nimthara Vidunadi Wijesekara is only 11 years old and in Grade 7 but her talent and versatility goes way beyond her years. She is a talented singer, guitarist, dancer, actress and announcer.

This talented young girl first honed her talents at Lyceum International Schoo, Wattala and is currently a student at Janadhipathi Balika Vidyalaya, Nawala.

Kenuli and her parents Indunil Weerasuri and Dushantha Wijesekara are very grateful to the Principal of Janadhipathi Balika Vidyalaya Nayana Wanniarachchi for all the support and guidance she gives Kenuli.

First cover

Kenuli’s first cover of Yohani’s hit Manike mage hithey brought her approximately 10,000 views – no mean feat for a first timer.

It also brought her offers of movie roles from three well known directors. In fact, Udayakantha Warnasuriya has promised her a role in his upcoming movie Bandana 2.

The guitar

Kenuli has just discovered the delights of the guitar which instrument she plays in her school band and tutoring is provided by the school.

This youngster has gained much experience by acting in class and school dramas.

A good swimmer she favours the freestyle and likes swimming underwater.

A keen chess player Kenuli has won many medals and certificates at tournaments

A typical youngster of her generation Kenuli ‘s favourite attire are jeans and tops.

An avid reader she loves to read ghost and detective stories. A lover of the environment she grows mostly vegetables at home. Kenuli is a good student with a high academic rating. Her favourite subjects are Maths, Science and English.

She hopes to become an Accountant and have a career in banking.

Maiden original song

Kenuli Nimthara Vidunadi will be launching her maiden, original song soon titled Magey Heenaya. The music is by Ajith Sajeewa Perera and the lyrics are by Roshan Perera.

Inspite of her busy schedule Kenuli still finds time for her younger siblings, brother Siluna and sister Inuli.

“I will make my mark in my chosen fields” says this talented girl who aims at the stars.