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Chaos at badminton in the dark

28 March, 2022

Chaos and confusion had been the order of the day at the Open badminton tournament that was held in Ambalangoda last week conducted in such an irresponsible manner that some matches were completed after 2 a.m.

This was unexpected but with the organizers calling for entries for as many as 68 events, many players had entered to take part in a desire to gain recognition.

The Sunday Observer was told that the main intention of the organizers was to raise funds through entry fees that amounted to more than a million rupees.

But everything went haywire due to the power cuts with some of the matches stopped half way in darkness as the organisers did not have any stand-by generators to continue the proceedings.

Some matches were stopped after the first set due to the power cut and resumed when the power was restored. This took away the rhythm from the player leading in the first set to lose the match in the end.

As this tournament also catered to veterans and children from the age of under-13, 15 and 17 they had to be accompanied by parents who were fuming with anger at the irresponsible manner in which this tournament was conducted.

Accommodation was also not available for those who travelled from various parts of the country including Colombo and parents and players had no option but to return to Colombo after 2 am and go back to play their matches that same afternoon.

The fuel crisis added to the woes of players who had to make several trips back and forth. Some players were so exhausted and tired that they conceded walk-overs to their opponents without engaging in the final.

Players and parents told the Sunday Observer that they have now decided not to take part in future tournaments conducted by the Southern Province Badminton Association that could not be reached for immediate comment.