Selection of badminton coaches for Malaysia course raises unanswered questions | Sunday Observer

Selection of badminton coaches for Malaysia course raises unanswered questions

3 April, 2022

Sri Lanka Badminton (SLB) has selected two coaches to follow a BWF Coaching Education level II coaching course to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from April 18 to 23.

The two coaches selected are Darshana Sampath and Chandrika de Silva who have been good players in their past. However, with regard to coaching it is reported that they are not involved in full time coaching.

Analysts ask what was the criteria followed to select the duo as there are many coaches who are involved in full time coaching in schools and the districts who have been ignored.

There are others who are heavily involved in coaching but have only a level I certificate. It is they who should have been invited for the interview before selecting the ideal coaches are some of the questions asked.

There are some coaches who train players in the national pool who should have been considered to follow this education program to be conducted by Badminton Asia Confederation.

Any badminton follower knows that Chandrika de Silva was the women’s champion for several years in the country.

However, the Sunday Observer learns that she hardly does any coaching to uplift the standards of young players.

She may be having a level I coaching certificate but is she involved in any coaching is the question that is being asked.

Darshana Sampath has not been around for the past two years due to the outbreak of the pandemic, it is reported. What is the coaching he is doing and where, is the other question being asked.

Attempts to contact officials from SLB to inquire into the procedure of the selection of these coaches failed as they did not respond to the numerous calls made by the Sunday Observer.