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Badminton secretary Wijesinghe resigns in a huff

17 April, 2022

Sri Lanka Badminton (SLB) is at crisis point once again. This time their secretary Mohan Wijesinghe has resigned. He is known to be a controversial figure at the controlling body for badminton.

As a secretary he is supposed to be present at SLB regularly but he would appear occasionally resulting in him unable to complete the duties of a secretary.

During his visits he will always put pressure on the administrative staff members especially the ones who keep accounts. One of them had also resigned due to his interference and now another woman employee is reported to be keeping away from work.

He will also find fault on the decisions taken by the executive committee of SLB.

President of SLB Rohan de Silva had hired a CEO to carry out most of the duties such as correspondence with foreign bodies, which usually should be done by the secretary.

Staff members are reported to have complained to President Rohan de Silva about the interference made by Wijesinghe and the two had a meeting. It was after this meeting that Wijesinghe tendered his resignation.

Wijesinghe is also the president of the Western Province Badminton Association (WPBA) who have not conducted their AGM for the new term as yet. It is alleged that there have been many irregularities of their finances and the audited reports are not yet put out.

Meanwhile, SLB conducted trials to select a team for the Commonwealth Games. They had made a draw with the names of players and their opponents in it. Somehow the draw had been changed by the officials and one player of repute had walked out citing the wrongdoing by officials. This is a big loss for the sport.

Another player is reported to have had an argument with the Indonesian coach over the draw.

At this point the selection committee should have intervened and corrected the mistake.