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The famed golden sickles of Degaldoruwa

1 May, 2022

Continued from last week

As the farmer was about to go back, a stern voice said from behind him,” You bad man, you have stolen a sickle.

You took two golden sickles but you have returned only one.

A spirit

The frightened man looked around and saw an angry spirit who was glaring at him.

As the spirit spoke the stone door leading to the outside closed. The farmer got even more frightened and fell on his knees.

A promise

“Please forgive me“ the farmer begged the spirit. I promise that I will return the golden sickle at dawn tomorrow”.

“Alright, I will let you go since you promise to return the golden sickle at dawn tomorrow” said the spirit. “But if you break your promise I will punish you”, said the spirit.

The farmer bolted out of the cave and ran all the way home without looking back.

Once at home, he thought about the trouble he had brought upon himself by trying to sell something that did not belong to him.

We vowed never to do that again. At daybreak, the farmer returned the golden sickle to the cave.

Two-rock door

From that time , this rock came to be known as De-gal-doruwa (two rock door} as the two rock turned in to a door.

The story of what happened reached the ears of King Rajasinghe who ruled the Kandyan Kingdom from Senkadagala.

Having heard the story he decided that as the cave at Degaldoruwa had mystic powers it would be fitting to byild a temple there.

Thus, the king built a temple there and it is known as the Royal Monastery of Degaldoruwa.

Beautiful paintings

It is a much revered place today and is famed for its beautiful paintings. Some paintings depict Jataka stories and others depict events in the life of the Buddha.