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The scene I watched

1 May, 2022

One day, an owlet was so tired after a long trip and its at on a tree trunk to rest. A crow passing the owlet thought “How can I eat the owlet”?

The crow called her friends saying ”haa, haa, haa and haa. The friends of the crow reached her immediately and with the support of her friends, the crows started to attack the owlet. The owlet was active at night and was passive during the day. It was so tired and frightened by the number of crows and their attack, it wondered what to do.

The owlet tried to pass the time by attacking the crows. However, with the number of crows, it was difficult for the owlet to chase the crows. I understood what was happening and thought of helping the owlet to escape from the crows.

From time to time, I chased the crows and the owlet was able to avoid the crows’ attacks during the day. When I got up the next day, it was not there. It had escaped from being preyed on. I am so proud that I was able to save a life.‘ Protect others as much as you can’


S. Cabiceshene,

Grade 3B,

T/ Sri Shanmuga Hindu Ladies’ College,