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Mrs Tourism Sri Lanka 2022: an opportunity to go global

1 May, 2022

Tourism is one of the main sources of foreign exchange for our country.

Thilini de Silva

“We look forward to promoting the tourism industry through the Mrs Tourism Sri Lanka 2022 pageant and my sole objective is to work for the future development of the country through tourism as Sri Lanka is facing many economic difficulties,” National Director of Mrs Tourism Sri Lanka 2022 pageant, Mrs Thilini De Silva told the Youth Observer

“Having previously participated in the Mrs. Tourism Pageant as a contestant, with the wealth of experience I have gained, this year’s main objective is to elevate the Sri Lankan tourism industry internationally with those currently involved in the industry, focusing on the Sri Lankan economy from the start to the final international pageant rounds,” she said.

She also holds the title of Director of Gold Ray Productions.

The Sunday Observer and the Youth Observer are the official media sponsors of the event.

Thilini was once the crown bearer of Mrs. Tourism Sri Lanka International 2019, Mrs. Universe Famous China 2019, Mrs. Tourism Sri Lanka Ambassador Philippines 2019 and Mrs. Best Catwalk 2019.

She has been instrumental in elevating Sri Lanka to international prominence throughout the years. She is also the director of Golden Ray Productions and is considered as a woman who was able and still continues to bring fame to Sri Lanka.

Group Managing Director and CEO, Dreamron Group of Companies Kishu Gomes and CEO and Vice Chairman, Fly Lanka Asia, Dr. Arosha Fernando have been appointed as the main advisors of the pageant.

Director of All Ceylon Human Rights Federation, Mrs Shahida Hettiarachchi is the International Relations Consultant.

Living a beautiful life as a married woman as well as being intelligent is what makes a woman stand out in any society. If you are an intelligent and a beautiful married, divorced, widowed or even a separated woman, take the chance to make Sri Lanka proud globally.

If you have not yet applied to the pageant, please submit an e-application through the official Mrs. Tourism Sri Lanka 2022 Facebook and Instagram page to attend the auditions to be held on Sunday, May 8 at the Water’s Edge Main Ballroom at 9 am, and walk-in contestants are also welcome.

“As the National Director of the pageant, I invite all those beautiful married, divorced, widowed and even separated personalities out there to experience and win internationally and to be a part of the Mrs. Tourism Sri Lanka 2022 pageant powered by Gold Ray Productions

“Married women, your contribution will be invaluable in representing our beautiful Sri Lanka by participating in the Mrs. Tourism Sri Lanka 2022 pageant to be held in UAE in September. Let’s get together! Let’s win together!, Thilini said.