Dallas prepared to host Climbing Youth World Championship in August | Sunday Observer

Dallas prepared to host Climbing Youth World Championship in August

8 May, 2022

The American city of Dallas in Texas will be hosting the Climbing World Championship in August. The International Federation of Sport Climbing announced that the tournament will be held from August 22 to 31.

Movement The Hill and Summit Plano are set to be the two venues for the event.

Dallas will become the first American city to play host to the tournament which is expected to feature more than 400 young climbers.

Boulder competitions are set to take place at Movement The Hill, with lead and speed contests due to be held at Summit Plano. Athletes will be split into three age groups and compete in the three climbing disciplines.

“USA Climbing is honoured to be hosting the IFSC Youth World Championships for the first time in the United States in Dallas, Texas,” said Marc Norman, chief executive of USA Climbing.

“We thank the IFSC and member National Federations for their confidence and support in hosting this important event and look forward to welcoming the world’s best youth climbers to Dallas, Texas.

“A special thanks to our gym partners, Movement Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness’s The Hill location which will play host to the bouldering discipline, and Summit Climbing’s Plano location which will play host to the lead and speed disciplines.

“We could not host these important international events without our gym partners. “Finally, to the youth athletes, we look forward to seeing you compete in Dallas and inspiring all of us to keep climbing higher,” he said.

The Youth World Championships is scheduled to be the fourth IFSC event taking place on US soil in 2022.

Two Climbing World Cups and the single Paraclimbing World Cup are all due to be held in Salt Lake City in Utah from May 20 to 29.