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Insee Sanstha among ‘Most Loved’ brands

15 May, 2022

Insee Sanstha Cement, has again been ranked among Sri Lanka’s 100 Most Loved Brands by LMD’s Brands Annual ranking – one of the most comprehensive and popular annual analyses of brands in the country, compiled by Brands Finance (UK).

The 100 Most Loved Brands ranking is the result of extensive market research and analysis, underscoring the popular position that Insee Sanstha Cement enjoys in the market. Recently, Insee Sanstha Cement, the most recognised and sought-after brand of Portland Composite Cement in Sri Lanka, also won the SLIM Kantar People’s Award for “Housing and Construction Brand of the Year, for a record 11th consecutive year.

Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Innovation at Insee Cement, Jan Kunigk said, “It is an honour for us to have been ranked among Sri Lanka’s Top 100 Brands again.

As Sri Lanka’s most loved cement brand, we reaffirm our commitment to deliver on our unique brand promise and support Sri Lankans as they ‘build for life.”

Sri Lanka’s premier Portland Composite cement, manufactured locally in accordance with the SLS 1697:2021 standard, Insee Sanstha is a state-of-the-art blended cement.

Sri Lanka’s first sustainable cement, Insee Sanstha Cement was the first cement in Sri Lanka to be awarded the Green Labelling Certification by the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL), and has also received the Green Mark Gold Award, presented by the Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB). It provides strength and durability while significantly reducing CO2 emission, he said.

The higher strength, greater durability, and superior workability of this cement, as a result of its ‘Super S’ particle structure, have made it the top favourite of the construction industry in Sri Lanka.

In addition to these exceptional qualities, Insee Sanstha Cement also features water protect technology to prevent penetration and ingress of rainwater, and is environment-friendly, he said.