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Raising pets, does it make us happy?

15 May, 2022

In this modern generation, raising a pet is a fascinating thing. An almost large number of people prefer raising a pet. It is one of the status symbols in this society. Be it the Urban or rural areas, people from all over are interested in raising pets. Having a pet in the house changes the atmosphere and mentality of the family members. In some cases, having a pet creates a bond within the family members.

Therefore, millions of people worldwide love their pets, enjoy their companionship, playing, going on walks and no wonder talking to them. According to the research, attachment to pets is good for human health and builds community. Raising pets brings closeness within the family members. Thus it creates healthy emotional connections among people. Many health benefits happen when there is an emotional attachment with pets. Therefore, we start to care and protect the most for animals that live with us.

The bond between humans and animals isn’t just good for human health. It also helps to create community. It has proved that affectionate folks with their pets develop connections with people. Raising a pet and sharing life with a pet has been found with a decreased risk of arteria coronaria disease and a discount in stress levels. Increased physical activity, especially while dog walking. People owning a pet has found that with an improved disorder among the older adults, also being treated with hypertension.

Talking about pets is not just dogs, people have their kind of interest like cats, birds, fishes. Pet care brands have started introducing specialized pet food products rich in vitamins and minerals. In these recent pandemic times, people suffered from stress and loneliness thus started raising pets. In these times, the attitude of humans towards pets being affectionate with them and treating them as part of their family has done a record of double-digit value growth in ownership of pets. The bond between humans and animals is good for human health and helps build community.

The pets are considered family members by many people; thus, the loss of a dog or cat causes deep grief. Attachment between humans and animals is powerful; hence it is familiar to mourn in a way similar to the feelings and behaviour of the loss of a human family member.

It’s not only about the homegrown pets. People should also have the basic humanity and tendency to protect these outdoors animals. Some animal shelters present across India are IN CARE(Indian centre for animal rights and education), Blue Cross of India, Indian Institute of animal welfare.

– Times of India