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Honour those who deserve to be honoured

22 May, 2022

The gift he gave was very valuable and vast
I am sure it will remain till Mother Lanka lasts

Linton Kuruppu well-known for his unparalleled service
Is the founder of this esteemed institution reflecting its significance

His studies in various fields at the university
Proved the magnitude of his educational activity

It is really impossible for anyone to gauge or assess
The services rendered in the field of Education in the process

Sujatha Vidyalaya, a prestigious school like no other
Is a priceless, precious gift to be proud by Lanka mother

Children, a vital part of the future was taken into consideration
And tried his best to bring about a social change through education

His enthusiasm and interest were well-respected in Sujatha’s construction
A wonderful attempt to showcase the innovative ideals of education

Sujatha Vidyalaya owes its origin to philanthropy of his beloved father
Then its development, to the farsightedness of the noble founder

Way back in 1965 starting at Alfred Place, Colpetty
In a calm environment in the city

He advocated love and kindness towards all beings
His greatest wish was the progress and its well-being

He was always extremely conscious and duty-bound
To work for the welfare of Sujathians all round

Sujatha was at Queens,Bullers and Jaya Roads in the city
It was moved to present premises at Nugegoda and its vicinity

Kuruppu and Motwani combined were performing remarkably well
Heralding the beginnings of English education in the island as well

Her work at Visakha and Musaeus was a splendid opportunity
And a good experience to exhibit intellectual capacity

Linton Kuruppu and Clara Motwani academic combination
Created in educational sphere, the greatest transformation

For Sujatha’s upward journey when both laid the foundation
Very cordial was the management, staff and student relations

His beloved wife, Asoka Kuruppu too was a driving force
Which enabled him to carry on with effortless ease

He upgraded the facilities and unchallenged Sujatha V stood
An improved the existing setup the way he could

Names, school motto, school song, drawn from Buddhist literature
Was performed to perfection before his untimely departure

He was in close association with Sir DB and Ananda Samarakoon
Who composed the National Anthem as well as the Sujatha School Song

The only private girls’ school to be identified as the best
For English with Motwani, the honoured lady at its highest

I had the privilege of serving Sujatha with pride
And I am delighted to witness the imprints he left behind

Here – just a few of the many contributions leading to his victory
Which in no uncertain terms has gone into history

Today Sujatha exists as a silent testimony
To his enormous service to education and its good destiny

At this point the colourful history of Sujatha V does not end
It is being carried forward by his son to modern trends

The fame and prestige Sujatha enjoys is indeed
A fitting tribute to the Founder for his golden deed

Sujathians past and present - Let Sujatha flag flutter high in the sky

– Rupa Banduwardena
Melbourne, Australia