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Kahipittan, a natural jelly that cures gastritis

22 May, 2022

Indian moonseed or buckler-leaved moonseed is a wild plant commonly found in Sri Lanka that has a vast array of health benefits. This climber has heart-shaped oblong leaves and is scientifically known as Cycleapeltata. Mostly grown in the wild and on roadsides, this herb is often mistaken for a wild plant with no food or medicinal value. Due to people’s ignorance, the climber is often uprooted or destroyed if found in home gardens.

Commonly known as Kahipittan in Sri Lanka, the leaves of the climber are used for making delicious herbal jelly. Kahipittan jelly had been consumed by Sri Lankans prior to introducing the modern-day jelly which contains a lot of artificial ingredients and chemicals. The specialty of this jelly is that it sets at room temperature. Hence, no refrigerator is required in making this natural and herbal jelly. People in remote areas in Sri Lanka still prepare and eat this jelly as a dessert.


The name Kahipittan is coined for its efficacy in curing cough (Kehi) and bile (Pitta). Ethnomedical practitioner Dr. Palitha Sri Geegana Arachchige said that Kahipittan can heal gastric ulcers by reducing acidity in the stomach. “If a person experiences gastritis, Kehipittan jelly is a proven remedy. If he or she takes Kahipittan jelly for three consecutive days, empty stomach early in the morning,the inflammation in the stomach line can be remedied,” he said.

Dr. Geegana Arachchige said that Kahipittan jelly is given to mitigate inflammation of the bladder. Burning sensation in the eyes can also be treated with Kahipittan. The herb helps improve vision. “Kahipittan can cool down the body. The extract of this medicinal plant helps keep the liver in a healthy condition. This cures diseases that are caused by vitiated blood.

Kahipittan also purifies the blood while helping to flush away toxins in the body that are accumulated as a result of frequent consumption of foods that contain a lot of chemicals and toxins. The extract of the plant is also used in ethnomedicine as an antidote to serpent venom.

“It improves the appearance of the skin and treats many diseases in the female reproductive system such as white discharge,” Dr. Geegana Arachchige said.

He said that although Kahipittan has medicinal value, the jelly should not be consumed daily. “Eating the jelly once or twice a week with Kithul Jaggery is advisable. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should not consume this,” he said. Dr. Geegana Arachchige said that Kahipittan jelly can be given to those women who cannot bear children due to extreme heat in the body as the extract of this herb helps curb the body heat.

Preparation of Kahipittan jelly

Ingredients required

Kehipittan leaves
Kithul jaggery
Coconut milk


Wash Kahipittan leaves well and pound them using a pestle and a mortar or blitz using an electric blender. Add a little water during the process of pounding (or blitzing) leaves.

Once the leaves are well pounded or blended, remove them and put them in a container. Add a little water and mix well with the pounded leaves. Adding water will help better extract the juice from the leaves. Nevertheless, make sure not to add more water as that will disturb the consistency of the jelly and will take long time to set under room temperature.

To another container strain the extract of the leaves using a clean cotton cloth. Squeeze the poultice to obtain the maximum amount of juice and discard the leftover in the cloth.

Leave this for about two hours at room temperature to set.

After two hours, you can see that the jelly is well set under room temperature without requiring a refrigerator.

In another container combine coconut milk and finely crushed kithul jaggery. Using a knife, cut pieces from the jelly and add them in this container. Kithul treacle can be used in place of Kitul jaggary.

This whole natural herbal jelly is delicious and has a bright green colour. As per Ayurvedic doctors, consuming this jelly empty stomach in the morning for three days is sure to cure gastritis.