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Cigarettes should be banned

22 May, 2022

Cigarettes are cylinder-shaped objects which are used for smoking. If you are constantly smoking cigarettes, you are more likely to be ill. It is because useing them can cause diseases such as cancer, lung and heart diseases which may result in death. According to the estimates of the World Health Organisation, nearly 4.2 million people die early as a result of smoking cigarettes and it also kills half of the people who smoke regularly.

Different types of substances are included in cigarette smoke.

For example, carbon monoxide, reduces the oxygen- carrying capacity of the blood and nicotine is addictive.

One thing you should never do is smoke in public places.

The smoke of cigarettes damages the lungs of people who breathe it, and it also influences others to use it.

Buying and using cigarettes is considered a waste of money.

A few steps can be taken to minimise the use of cigarettes and to decrease the number of deaths. Banning the use of cigarettes is an example. Films or television programs must avoid scenes of actors smoking. By taking these steps, we can decrease the use of cigarettes and save lives.


Sasath Dinsara


Grade 8

Lyceum International School