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Horse riding

22 May, 2022

My uncle has a big stable at his farmhouse in the country. There are big horses in his stable. Last week, I went to visit him. When I asked him to teach me how to ride a horse, he agreed happily.

He took me to the stable the very next day. My uncle brought a small pony from the stable. He was light gray and white in colour. The pony was a little taller than me. I was afraid of the pony at the beginning.

My uncle helped me to ride the pony. He told me how to hold the reins tightly. I felt very happy sitting on its back. After a few days, I could ride the pony by myself. I named him Star. We soon became good friends. When it was time for me to go back home, I felt sad to leave Star behind. My uncle promised to take good care of Star till I visited the farmhouse again. This was my first horse riding experience.

Ransika Amarasinghe

Grade 9-B

Prince of Wales College