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My dream of becoming a space scientist

22 May, 2022

Every human being has a dream about what he or she wants to become in the future.

I would like very much to be a space scientist one day.

We all of know about NASA. It means National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

I like to study about NASA to achieve my future dream. I think I must fully allocate my time for studies to achieve my dream.

Sometime, I dream about when I will be a member of NASA. My mind says I must work hard and read good books related to space.

Then, only will I achieve my target. My mother and father guide me in my studies and help me to achieve my future dream. If I become a space scientist, I will do much research and make my country proud. I will send rockets and satellites to other planets and find information about them.

It will make our country popular.

If I earn much money, I will help people who are in need.

I will try to help them in various ways to make them stand on their own feet. I will help my colleagues who are interested to study about space. I will do my best to achieve my dream.



Grade 6

Matale International School

Matale 21000