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My mother

22 May, 2022

Life cannot be had without a mother. If there was no mother, we would not exist. Mother is the easiest word to say in this world, but God himself resides in this name.

When a newborn comes into this world the mother is the happiest. It is as if she has got the most precious thing in this world.

A mother is ready to do anything for her children. And there are many things to talk about a mom.

My mother’s name is Renuka. My mother is the most important person in my life. She is the best mother in this world and she loves us very much.

My mother is very beautiful and she manages our family well. She takes care of everyone in the home. Mother is like our shadow.

She teaches us good habits. She would reprimand my brother and I if we made a mistake.

She prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. And my mother also prepares tasty eats for tea.

My mother is my teacher, my super heroine and my best friend. She helps us to do our school work.

I help my mother by doing all the housework I can. My mother never hesitates to appreciate good things.

She will be as affectionate with other children as she is with my brother and I.

My mother is a very kind and helpful person.

She left her profession as she wanted to raise us well. She lives for us now. I think of my mother as a gift from the Lord. I pray to the Lord that she will live happily always. I love my mother very much and God has given me such a good ‘Mother’.


Adheesha Mayadunna

Grade 8-G

Rahula Balika Maha Vidyalaya