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Adithya Weliwatta: A soulful voice

22 May, 2022

With her beautiful voice and style in music, Adithya is set to be one of the brightest stars of her generation. Continuing to wow us every day with her style, this young lady is gearing herself to be a teen sensation globally.

Q: Who is Adithya Weliwatta? Tell us about yourself?

A: I’m just a girl, who works on myself in becoming a better person than I was yesterday. I love pink, books and perfumes. Yeah, this is me!

Q: What made you embark on a journey as a youth singer?

A: Actually, it’s because of my mom I’m portraying myself as a youth singer. I never realized that music was my cup of tea. But, she saw me having a spark of music in my early childhood and she made sure that I pursue what I am more compassionate about. And I strongly believe in her decision, because mothers do their best for us. And I feel the right to have come along in this journey.

Q: What was the recent biggest turning point of your life?

A: It has definitely been the Voice Teens. There is so much I received and learnt from it for life. That journey paved my way for many things that I needed to open my eyes in to in life.

Q: How did that become a life changer for you?

A: I think, it has driven me into a whole lot of new opportunities and to see things from a different perspective, which apparently became a huge change in life.

Q: Adithya you have achieved a lot through the music industry. What more do you wish to pursue and achieve in life?

A: I dream to become a better person each passing day. A lot more of becoming a good soul, living a peaceful life that harms no being. I think I need to spread more integrity, love and more compassion among everyone we come across in our lives, because if I’m able to bring a smile on anybody, I think it would be one of my biggest accomplishments in life.

Q: You had to face so many challenges during the past and still are. We saw you handle social media and other struggles so maturely at such a young age. How did you overcome each battle? Adithya do you have a story of your own to share about your struggle of social media bullying?

A: To be honest, social media and social media bullying was new to me. I was very young at that time and it was not easy to come out of it, but looking at it in a positive way, I think it has helped me to become who I’m today, it taught me to face and handle the battles which life throws at you.

Today, I see a much stronger and a capable version of myself when it comes to dealing with more pressurized situations in my life.

I guess it’s just how people see life in different perspectives and angles, everything I had to hear and see being bullied was maybe because of the experiences that they might have dealt in their lives in a time, and I really don’t have any grudges towards any of them because at the end it’s all part of life.

I want to remind people not to hurt others in any way, because we don’t know what that person might be going through and it would not be as easy as hurting to get out of such life battles. Not everyone will love what you do all the time, but it should be you who needs to be strong in a certain journey of life. Give love and happiness to all beings.

Q: What note of advice would you like to impart to each victim who goes through such battles each passing day silently?

A: Face it; don’t let other people control you despite your talents. If you do, you might sometimes regret the decision you took at any point of your life. Don’t let regressions take up your life. Don’t allow yourself to run on somebody else’s judgments, it’s your life. Be yourself and be strong, you’ll conquer all your struggles and fears. You’ll shine upon one day.

Q: Who has been your biggest strength throughout each step you took forward in each phase of your life till date?

A: No doubts, it was my mom and I think it’ll always be her. She has been the backbone of my life.

Q: How do you balance your education, music and popularity?

A: I guess it’s about how you see things in life. The more you think you can’t do something in life and it’s too much, is when you realize you can’t handle it anymore! I love what I do! Like I told earlier, I am a very driven person and I always try to work harder and do better in anything I do and that’s who I am, so I somehow manage to keep a balance in everything I do.

I have always wanted to make an impact in the world through my work. I don’t see my work as stressful, even though it is sometimes. If you put your heart and soul to do what you love, you’ll still be able to strive even when life gets harder sometimes.

Q: Adithya tell us more about your recent work of talents?

A: I have been working on a few songs recently, and currently I’m continuing my studies too. ‘Shrungareh’, was one of my recent releases. And I hope to always give the best of my talents to my lovely fans.

Q: What do you consider when choosing your performances?

A: It depends. When I choose my performances, I make sure that I put my 100% into what I do, because I don’t like to work halfway through in anything given to me. I believe in absolute focus, commitment and work ethics in my performances. And it’s important that I enjoy my work no matter what.

Q: What factors do you believe in terms of talent, luck and awareness? How do you define success?

A: I do believe in luck, but I also think that luck comes to those who work hard. I actually don’t know how to define success, but I feel like it’s when you learn to let go of things that’s no longer yours and to be open for new opportunities that come your way, and to be happy throughout.

Q: What motivates you to do what you do each day?

A: To be honest, actually, I don’t think I have an answer for this. But I think you need to appreciate all the countless moments of your life every day. Don’t take things for granted. Do something which would be effective for your own life. I think my motivation in life has always been ME, because I have come across people who have been motivated by me to do what they do in life and that too keeps me motivated to do more of my work.

I should not let any of my followers down, I need to take them with me on this journey and show them the right path to reach their goals. If I can be a helping hand to anyone in life to become a better person, that would be the biggest motivation.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: There’s a lot! I’ll continue to take baby steps towards what I want to achieve in life. I don’t want to rush. I think I’m where I need to be exactly in my life.

Q: Adithya, what words of inspiration can you impart to your fellow teenagers?

A: To all the teenagers out there, don’t give people too much power over you that their silence keeps questioning your worth, because self-worth is more important than anything around you. Your emotional strength is what affects your work, so don’t ever let anybody’s judgments and opinions ruin that for you. Work hard and be strong enough to face your fears and handle your struggles in life to conquer your dreams. Be focused and know where you need to land in life. Just be YOU throughout!

(Pix: Prasanna Iroshan)