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Wing Com. (Retd.) Pradeep Kannangara – President, ISF

29 May, 2022
The new ISF office-bearers
The new ISF office-bearers

The Industrial Security Foundation (ISF) which acts as the sole organisation in Sri Lanka to represent the private security industry having incorporated by an Act passed in the Parliament, Act No. 51 of 1999, elected Wing Commander (Retd.) Pradeep Kannangara as its President for the years 2022/2023 at its 30th annual General Meeting which was held at the PIM Auditorium in Borella.

Wing Commander Kannangara was appointed President while 14 were appointed to the Executive Committee.

Other Senior ExCo Members elected:

Senior Vice President – Maj (Ret.) Krishan De Silva, Vice President – Maj (Retd.) Ananda Rodrigo, Hon Secretary – Tony Perera, Treasurer – Capt Nalaka Silva.

Wing Commander Kannangara has served on the Ex Co consecutively since 2012 under four different presidents where he held the positions of Senior Vice President during the last three consecutive years.

He has also been a committed member of the ISF and was awarded prestigious coveted FISF title due to his many valuable contributions to the organisation and the Private Security Industry in Sri Lanka in 2012.

Wing Commander Kannangara’s journey into private security began after a successful carrier in the Sri Lanka Air Force for over 24 years where he served in many capacitiesfinally being the Officer Commanding of the Special Air Borne Force.

A recipient of the Ranasura Padakkama (RSP) gallantry award for his bravery, sacrifices and service to the nation by the President of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in 1990. He holds a Master’s in business management from the Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia too and serves as a Board Director in AB Securitas (Private) Limited in Sri Lanka and AB Securitas Bangladesh Limited.

ISF is the pioneer organisation representing both the Professionals and the Private Security Industry in Sri Lanka since year 1999. ISF has been representing the Government Wages Board for the Private Security Industry as a permanent Memberfrom the inception and has contributed immensely for the progress of the industry. The ISF Membership includes both Corporate and Individual members exceeding 150 at present.