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SLT-Mobitel marks World Environment Day

19 June, 2022
SLT-Mobitel officials present mee plants
SLT-Mobitel officials present mee plants

Committed to driving sustainable Environmental Social Governance programs (ESG), to fight against climate change, SLT-Mobitel marked World Environment Day by concluding its fifth mee tree planting initiative at Meerigama.

SLT-Mobitel embarked on this national level tree-planting initiative to improve the quality of air, promote forestation, natural carbon sinks and reduce greenhouse gases and safeguard biodiversity across multiple areas in the country. Driving the true spirit of sustainability, SLT-Mobitel understands the intrinsic importance of a greener earth, the direct benefits of healthy plants on human health and well-being and the need to restore nature, halting and reversing climate change to sustain humanity for generations to come.

Launched on the theme ‘Let’s nourish the country with clean air and fertiliser’ brings into focus the critical importance of preserving eco-fragility for collective well-being.

The ‘Mee’ tree was chosen considering its contribution to pest control, ability to be used in the production of organic fertiliser, capacity to purify air and its use as a medicinal plant. To-date SLT-Mobitel has distributed and planted over 1,000 trees across locations including Monaragala, Umandawa, Anuradhapura, and Kandy. World Environment Day is celebrated annually in June and recognised as the United Nations’ principal amplifier to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment. To commemorate the event, SLT-Mobitel organised an internal event at the headquarters where employees of SLT-Mobitel received plants.

The company also successfully concluded its fifth Mee tree planting program at the Seth Sevana Elders home in Meerigama. SLT-Mobitel is working hand-in-hand with local communities, and grassroots organisations providing opportunities for tangible change and collective action. SLT-Mobitel has a strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitment measuring and managing its impacts on society and the environment in an efficient and responsible manner. Under its ESG protocols, the mee tree program seeks to improve the environment and empower communities across Sri Lanka.

The mee tree drive also promotes better pest control, healthier soil and aims to enhance natural humidity. A notable feature of the program is governance through KPIs including geo tagging the plants and their ownership. Using modern technology, the ‘Thuru’ mobile application is used to monitor the progress of the project.

Broadening its environmental stewardship, SLT-Mobitel also engages in other initiatives such as e-waste reduction and minimising its carbon footprint. Responsible waste management is repeatedly conducted through re-use and recycling while ongoing concerted efforts ensure reducing the carbon footprint of the organisation and of customers.