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Sustaineco to support youth, rural development

19 June, 2022

Sustaineco, a non-profit organisation based in Canada has come forward to support Sri Lanka in areas such as health, sanitation, human-elephant conflict, degradation of land due to improper and environmentally unsuitable land use practices and climate smart living.

It’s a national chapter with links to an international network that represents the global youth and their desires. Supported by an international team of youthful members with a wide range of professional experience and skills, Sustaineco has selected specific fields of relevance to Sri Lankan society, to interact with and support.

According to the organisation’s International Coordinator Inoka Gamage, Sustaineco has been active in reaching out to those who can benefit with their support. When members of the Sustaineco were invited to visit the Galle Face Green protest, it agreed and made a quick needs assessment at the location.

“Based on its findings we realised that some of the needs would be in line with our organisation goals. A decision was taken to support the youth who visit the place to participate in this peaceful event by way of sanitary items and facilities, temporary shelter, water and food,” Gamage said. Sustaineco has set up an office at the Galle Face Green next to the Red Cross tent.