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Father’s day

19 June, 2022

My Father  – My Hero


A father is the next person we meet after our mother. He is the one who spends during our childhood.

We see many movies and we get to know the heroes of those movies. But we never knew the true heroes in our lives. They are none other than our fathers.

So, what makes a father a hero? It is his courage and determimation in protecting his children till his last breath and guiding them onto the right path. He buys us the toys we ask for, tells us bedtime stories and buys our favourite food.

A father is the head of a family and the person who is ready to sacrifice his life for his family.

Are we ready to sacrifice? Generally, a father has to raise one or more children by looking into every aspect of their lives. But, are we finding difficulties to look after our two parents?

There is no use regretting anything after the demise of our parents. It can either be a step father or a rude father but it is our duty to look after them without handing them over to an elder’s home.

A father should not be only loved on Father’s Day but he should be loved daily. I hope everyone of us will look after our parents and may God help us with that duty.

Yahya Umar

Grade 8

Hill Country International School




My super hero

A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.

People talk about a mother’s love and affection but a father’s love often gets ignored. A mother’s love is talked about repeatedly everywhere, in movies, in shows and in much more. Yet, what we fail to acknowledge is the strength of a father’s love which often goes unnoticed.

Pradeep Paranagama is the most beloved person I would ever meet.

He is the perfect definition of the best dad in the world. My dad is the only one who is happy at my successes along with my mother. No doubt, the most beautiful smile I have ever seen belongs to him. The appreciation and help I get from him always means much to me. From birth, I am used to adoring my dad.

He is the superhero in my world. I can vouch for him without any second thoughts when it comes to being an ideal person. This conviction is not merely based on the love I have for him, but also because of his personality and care. He is a businessman and is disciplined in all aspects of life while being knowledgeable in different fields and has a huge working experience. The kind and understanding personality he has is one of his best features, I fully adore the other side of him when he is with his loved ones. He tries to do his best to fulfil all our wishes.

The way he knows everything about the world and the way he takes the right decision at the right time always leaves me amazed and of course, I can proudly say that it is my father who has been my source of inspiration from day one. All my knowledge of the

world, I have got from my father. It is the sole reasons why I aspire to be a Successful, educated and disciplined person in the future like him. To sum it up, I believe that my father has all that it takes to be

called my real-life superhero. The way he manages things professionally and personally, leaves me mesmeriesd every time.

We celebrate Father’s Day to commemorate all that our fathers do for us. It is to mark the spirit of fatherhood and the influence of fathers in our lives including my beloved father.

To all the fathers around the world who work hard to lead their children on the right path, I am wishing you a Happy Father’’ Day from the bottom of my heart.

This one-day isnt enough to show how important you are to me dad.

Yashodhara Paranagama

9 H

Musaeus college

Colombo 7


My father

My father’s name is Asanka Rukmal. He works at Lake House as a photo journalist. He can also do electrical work.

My father helps me with my homework.

He loves me very much.

U. G. Chathuki Yahansa

Grade 3 A

Sri Rahula Balika Maha Vidyalaya



My dad

My dad’s name is Furkhan. He is 34 years old. He likes the colour white. colour. His favourite fruit is pineapple. He is very smart. I love my dad.

M.F.Ahamed Atif

Grade 2 SC,

Zahira College,




My father

My father’s name is Nirosh. He is tall and clever and can drive many types of vehicles.

He can do electrical, plumbing and carpentry work. My father can also do painting. These are very essential things for our home and he is a good handyman around the house.

My father always shares his knowledge with us and advises us to do our work properly.


He is also a photographer and takes beautiful photographs and they are published in newspapers.

My father has many friends and they love him. He is very popular among them and he likes to help them at any time.

My father gets up early in the morning and helps my mother. He goes to the fair and brings fruits, vegetables, sweets and interesting books for me to read.

My father does not sleep. Instead, he works hard. He loves his work and doest it happily ] and tries to spend a happy life. My father hates to see unhappy faces.

He always tells me to be a good person.

My father is the best father in the world. I love him very much.

Janira Hansaja

Grade 8

Ananda Sasthralaya




Our thatthi


Our thatthi is very kind and generous. He is also very loving.

Thatthi makes us tasty food and helps us in our school projects. He helps those in need.

He is a great software engineer and fixes our things. Thatthi comforts us when we are sad and never forgets to bring us a snack when he does the marketing.

He plays fun games with us. Thatthi works very hard. Every morning he takes us to school and brings us back home. He enjoys Japanese food. His favourite drink is iced water and his favourite colour is blue. Our thatthi gives us very good advice.

Thatthi teaches us to do good things. If we do something wrong or something not nice, he corrects us. He teaches us new games. If we do not get good marks for a certain assessment, he would encourage us to do better the next time.

He would make us laugh by telling funny jokes. If someone is trying to laugh at us or annoy us or even bully us , he would want to protect us by taking action against that person.

Our thatthi is a great example to us and we hope to be like him. As Proverbs 17:6 in the Bible says, “the glory of children is their father.”


Joel Fernando Joanna Fernando

Grade 8 Grade 4

S. Thomas’ College Ladies’ Collge

Mt.Lavinia Colombo


My father is my hero

This may sound unusual, but to me, my father Is my hero. My father works hard to keep my family happy and comfortable.

He always tries to give his children the best things in the world. He always helps me in my studies, entertains me, and guides me to realise what is good or bad.

Normally, a father carries a great load of stress within him, yet he doesn’t show It to the world.

Therefore, I feel my father ‘s love and loving kindness Is divine, so I feel that he is a holy messenger who has come from heaven to protect us from all types of evil and bad things.

This Is very true because when he keeps my head on his chest, I feel his warmth and compassion so deeply that nobody will be able to fill the gap.

I know that a father’s nature is difficult to understand. It consists of different feelings and emotions.

A father always tries to give his child a world-class education and keep the child even above the clouds. Hence, I consider my father as a hero, and as his son I too have an ultimate duty to keep him happy and content.

Gagul Godakumbura

Grade 6B

Hill Country International School Madawala


The farmer in the little land; my father

The farmer in the little land is my father. His name is Sanjeewa. He is a teacher and an artist by profession. But I’d love to introduce my father as a farmer.

Our house is built on a very small piece of land. He wanted to leave the front and backyards of the house for farming.

My father starts the day with his plants and trees. He carries his cup of tea in his hand and walks from tree to tree, greeting them with a good morning. He also takes me with him.

We have two bunches of bananas covered with a mesh. He teaches me how to check whether they are ripe or not. Together, we pick jambu and eat. I help my father to cover guavas with bags.

Then we do not forget to take selfies with our plants and share them with our relatives and friends. My father says, we can motivate others by sharing our successes. Not only the pictures, we share the harvest with others too.

My father and I visit plant nurseries very often. We buy vegetable seeds and plants. He takes me to collect cow-dung in neighbouring lands before planting them. I meet my friend little calf. I am not afraid of its little horns when my father is around. I am not afraid of his mother who has a tattoo - ‘Kamal We offer her water on hot sunny days. Therefore, she is a friend of my father and me.

So, do you think that we have a large farm? No! As my mother says my father is a super farmer in our six perch garden. We enjoy nature with my father. I am proud to be the daughter of a farmer.


Pahanma Liyanage

Grade 5 D

Lyceum International School