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Monkey in the classroom

19 June, 2022

Once upon a time an old schoolmaster opened a school in a remote village. As he was the only teacher there was only one classroom.

He taught how to write letters and how to count from one to 100. There were about 15 students who attended the school regularly with their slates and slate pencils.

He wrote letters and figures on the blackboard and the children copied them.

One day a curious monkey peeped into the classroom secretly and watched how the schoolmaster was teaching.

Being good at imitating others the monkey thought that he could teach the students on a day when the schoolmaster was absent.

After waiting for many days, the monkey found that the schoolmaster had not come to school on a particular day. He expected his students to copy the letters and figures he had written on the blackboard on the previous day. However, in the absence of the teacher the children started playing.

Suddenly they stopped playing and looked at a stranger in the teacher’s chair. The monkey got up and said, “I am your new teacher who has come from the woods.

Now do everything I do without shouting.” Then he took a piece of chalk and drew a circle on the blackboard. The children also drew circles on their slates. “Good! Now you know how to draw circles. I will teach you many other things your schoolmaster has not taught.”

Then, he started scratching his head. The children also started scratching their heads. The monkey stood on the table and started dancing.

The children also stood on their desks and started dancing. The children thought that their new teacher was a jolly good person.


While the monkey and the children were dancing the schoolmaster’s Balurala appeared from somewhere. He started barking and sprang at the monkey.

The monkey and Balurala were arch enemies. The monkey ran away and climbed a tree.

Balurala started barking at the monkey. The children started clapping and dancing around the tree. They asked the monkey to come again and entertain them.