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A present

19 June, 2022

I went to buy a present for a very special person, my mother. I wanted to give her present on Mother’s Day. My father gave me Rs. 200 a week as pocket money. Out of this, I gave a poor person five rupees. My birthday came. I got 50 rupees from my uncle and 25 rupees from my aunt. After four months I took all the money from the till and went to buy the Mother’s Day present. I looked for a perfect gift.

Suddenly, I saw a beautiful brooch in the shape of my favourite animal. I said to myself,” My mother loves brooches and this brooch costs only 65 rupees. I bought the brooch and wrapped it in a flowery paper.

The night before Mother’s Day I put the present on my mother’s dressing table. I woke up several times that night thinking of the joy on my lovely mother’s face when she saw the gift.

When my mother opened the gift she was excited because she saw a rabbit. Then, she realised it was a brooch in the shape of a rabbit. How happy she was.

K. Wenuka Methusara

Grade 4

Highbrow College