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Along with the fans, I also cried in joy till my throat sored

19 June, 2022

Dasun Shanka is one of the most talked about and popular character nowadays. He is the present skipper of the national cricket team. He has become the hero of all after performing a fantastic batting session and inspiring other team members to win the last round of the recent twenty-twenty overs cricket match which was just about to be lost.

Dasun also managed to renew the records by becoming the only batsman who scored 50 runs within the last four overs in critically target-driven instances in the history of twenty-twenty tournaments. Not only that, his leadership helped the cricket team reach the historic position of the only cricket team that achieved a far-fetched target.

The ideal person to talk about this brilliant performer who excels on the international grounds as a batsman and an all-rounder as well, is none other than his beloved better half. She is Chewanthi Perera. A designer by profession, she joined us at Silumina for a chit-chat on her loving hubby, Dasun. Excerpts.

Q: Your views on the contribution made by your loving hubby towards winning the twenty-twenty overs match held recently?

The victory expected by our dear fans all across the country could be achieved since Dasun received the maximum support of the entire team. As Dasun says, he could steer the team towards the right direction thanks to the commitment of other players too. I am also extremely happy about this achievement that came our way in an unexpected moment. The joy and happiness expressed by our cricket fans made me feel more happier. To be frank, I don’t have words to explain that joy and happiness. It’s just like a dream.

Q: Is it true that you had decided to abstain from going over to watch the live match held at the Pallekele Stadium in Kandy due to travelling difficulties?

Yes, Dasun and the team had their lodgings in a hotel. We couldn’t have stayed with them. That’s why I found it difficult to be there. Therefore, I had already informed Dasun that I wouldn’t be coming to watch the final match. It was on the day the match was to be played that I decided to go and watch the live match. I got a chance to go with the family of a friend known by Dasun. However, I now feel happy that I made it. If I had missed that moment, I would have regretted later.

Q: Did you have a feeling that the Sri Lankan team would win the final match even though the first two matches led by Dasun had been lost?

Previously I didn’t have neither an interest nor knowledge about cricket. I started watching cricket matches because of Dasun and now I am sort of addicted to cricket. I went to watch all the matches played at Pallekele. Now I watch cricket matches as much as I can. As I have a certain understanding about Dasun’s style of performing I never saw this as a defeating match. With the patient manner Dasun was playing I expected that they would win this match. When he was scoring up I felt that he was in very good form. I knew that he would score well when he was in that mood.

Besides that, Dasun was trying to stay not-out when a number wickets had already gone. His partner, Chamika gave him immense support. That paved the way for him to score faster, I guess. I felt that some kind of a big difference was about to happen. But there was some fear as well because the rival team was strong and talented. Sometimes, I felt my heartbeat rising. Just like all others across the country I was amazed that day.

Q: Dasun is a leader and a player who acts according to a plan, isn’t it?

He is a person who always works according to a plan. Particularly, when it comes to sports he has a plan. I think he would have planned out that match well beforehand. That’s why he would have thought of scoring faster while staying at the wicket.

Q: Once he was about to be knocked out?

At that very moment only what I felt was oh, if he could stay a little longer at the wicket. The thought that if Dasun’s score was not there with the score gained by the other players we would have got defeated came into my mind. However, I was happy as I felt that not getting knocked out at that instant was a big relief. At the same time I knew that no one could stop him after that. He also made use of that opportunity.

Q: Did Dasun have any feelings about victory before the match? What did he tell you about that?

Tickets for the final match had sold out days before the match was scheduled to be played. That showed how keen the people were to watch the match. I rang Dasun and told him that it would be great if the people of this country who out of their love for the cricketers buy the tickets and come to watch the cricket matches irrespective of so many issues in the country just because they love cricket so much could be made happy. He also agreed and went out to play with a big expectation. When I was talking to him I realised that he also had been highly inspired by the enthusiasm of the fans.

Q: He would have called you as soon as the match was won?

He was very happy when I rang and told him that I came to watch the match. He said that my presence made him much stronger. Soon after the match was over Dasun came walking along the boundaries of the ground to share the joy with the fans. He saw me among the people. He smiled happily and waved at me while walking along. After that, once he got to the resting room he called me and asked whether I was still there at the stadium. I said yes. He was very happy to hear that. He said that the match could be won thanks to the commitment of the entire team. Two of us couldn’t meet each other until the match proceedings were over. Probably that could be the reason why he was happy to see me there.

Q: Dasun has made a historic record as the only batsman who scored 50 runs within the last four overs in the history of twenty-twenty tournaments. Before him that record had been jointly shared by Australia’s Mike Hussey and South Africa’s Rossi van der Dussen scoring 45 runs by each. Did Dasun say that he was aware of such a record that had been established by him?

We couldn’t discuss that. I think we forgot about it just because we were overjoyed. I came to know about it when it was announced there. I was so overjoyed I cried in joy. Along with the other fans I cried till my throat got sored as I was so happy. Dasun would have been aware of the fact that he was going to make a record. But he didn’t tell me anything about it. I felt that my presence there at the moment was very important.

Q: Parents of Dasun’s and yours must be feeling very happy about his talents?

Which mother or father wouldn’t be happy when their son performs before the whole world. But they didn’t discuss anything with me. I think they must be feeling happy silently. My parents were also happy.

Q: Dasun was fortunate enough to be the only cricketer who scored over 50 runs within the death overs in the history of 20 x 20 overs tournaments. And he became the man of the match too. What do you think of his brilliant batting skills which has been talked about at international levels?

I saw that Dasun was very happy that day. He must have felt much happier than I did. And the fans too would have felt much more happier. I don’t think that he would have played with the idea of keeping a record. He always thinks that he should something good for the country, should bring victories for the country before saying goodbye to cricket. Keeping a record will be a catalyst to those thoughts. Every successful step he takes brings me happiness. I’ll feel happier when he becomes a successful cricketer.

He is so committed towards the game of cricket. He made this achievement as a result of that commitment.

Q: How do you feel to have been the wife of Dasun, a talented all-rounder?

He was my fiancé even before becoming a cricketer. I am happy to have become the wife of a cricketer like him. I have been very lucky to get married to someone like him. He is such a loving husband.

Q: Tell us how you met a nice person like him?

I was living in Kochchikade. He was from Negombo and our meeting each other was just a coincidence. I was not interested in cricket those days. I didn’t know that he was playing cricketer. It was after we started knowing each other that I came to know about the fact that he was a cricketer.

That was not a problem to me or to my family. He was an ordinary person when he was with us. Even today, it is like that. Though we received the blessings from our parents, we never met frequently. He came to our place to see me. After having known him for two years we got married.

Q: Didn’t you have any hesitations about maintaining the family life with the busy life-style of a cricketer?

I saw him as a normal person. He never talks about cricket when he is with me. We enjoy life in every possible manner we can. So the thought that his being a busy cricketer would affect our lives never occurred to me. I loved his human qualities. And I had realised that he was in love with me with the intention of marrying me. It’s because he was the destined person for me that he proposed and we got married. If not, we wouldn’t have met each other, I believe.

The feeling I get when I’m living with Dasun’s parents is the same feeling as if I’m living with my own mother and father. Therefore, Dasun’s busy life-style has never been an issue for me.

Q: Although many of the internationally renowned cricketers tend to lose out on their talents after marriage, Dasun still performs his talents. Your efforts must certainly be behind that, isnt’ it?

I have never been a troublesome partner to him before or after the marriage. I have given him full freedom and committed myself towards family affairs with the support of Dasun’s parents. All he has to do is to look after the matters related to cricket. He goes for practices when there are no cricket matches.

He practices batting with a friend. If gets a little free time he spends time with the family. We enjoy the life in the best possible manner. I think he should be given full freedom during this period of time. If the family life becomes a burden, he wouldn’t be able to proceed. His success is my happiness. For that I commit myself in a maximum manner. I have a good husband. For that I respect him.

Q: As a designer, you must be paying more attention to Dasun’s dress designs, isn’t it so?

Dasun asks me to make a suitable dress for special occasions. I do that job most willingly. So, Dasun never puts pressure on things related to my profession. He has given me freedom for that. Most of the time, I make my own dresses by myself. Particularly, I am careful about Dasun’s dress designs.

Q: Don’t you feel jealous when a good-looking cricketer like Dasun gets more responses from young girls?

We got married after loving each other for two years. His love is always there for me. Because he is my husband he is mine only. Therefore, I never get worried, bothered or feel jealous about the responses he gets from young girls. Some girls had sent me messages saying that Dasun had become their favourite cricketer after winning the match. I too replied them back. It’s a pleasure, not a reason to get worried. Dasun is lucky to get responses like that.

Q: The very same fans who applause when the matches are won turn back and blame the players when they lose the matches. Have you and Dasun been fallen down mentally when such things happened?

Any player would mentally fall down. Dasun is also like that. People of our country are not so brutal. But sometimes, certain blatant attacks on social media are saddening. But now we are used to avoid them and stay away from them. We can’t blame the fans. That could be the way they express their feelings. We must bear with them.

Q: Many talented cricketers are currently working in foreign countries. With the crisis situation prevailing in the country right now, will Dasun also work for a foreign country?

After fulfilling those responsibilities he will make decision as to what needs to be done in the future. He still thinks of doing something good for our country and so far he has no plans to go abroad. He will make his best contribution for our country and its people.

The first ever story told to the media by Dasun’s wife, Chewanthi after the T20 Tournament