POETRY CORNER | Sunday Observer


19 June, 2022

Angry youth

Can’t take the truth
immaturity, blocking all
of life’s receptors.

Spoken from
a pain of one
that had been there, done that
owns life reflectors.

Blockage pause
by mind’s own chosen cause
not allowing healing to take place.

Rejected by
all who’ve known
that frown permanently painted
your anger, unwilling to erase.

Move on, get over it
that burden of angers load.
Fermenting in your sweetness
now souring your youthful soul.

Let the God you say does not exist
unfold your fingers
which now seen folded fists.

Before it is too late for you to recover
from the anger you are invoking.
Now hands around necks of others
in angry words you are choking.

Words - Linda Winchell


Pain of a woman

The pain of living as a female
In this world dominated by male
I feel pity
Even for the girls living in the city
They have to face problem every day
And come across all the struggles that come on their way
The menstrual pain
Every girl undergoes without any gain
The world grabbing away the liberty
After the girls puberty
Because of her shape
Men gets aroused to rape
Why should female undergo this strain
And all her sacrifices are always in vain
Why should a female give birth
To a male in this earth
Why should girl leave her family for a boy
Does this society think a girl is a toy
Will this prevailing condition change
And bring up females to a new range
There’s always a question mark
And the answer remains in dark

Words - Yashika Frin


Humility and Gratitude

Briskly walking with his head *****
Money and treasure, he aims to get
He is in a stampede, chasing wealth
Acute shortage of ‘humility and gratitude’
Compels him to slaughter a multitude
The desire for more than enough
It has crystallized and made his heart tough
Oblivious about ‘humility and gratitude’
Man agrees to squash the destitute
Unaware, that he may face the same fate
Even then he piles up his plate
When would he be humble and grateful?
For the things which make his life blissful…
Even while swallowing all that is unlawful
He persistently denies being shameful
His conscience reminds him of ‘humility and gratitude’
But he refuses to change his haughty attitude
Let me remind you that life is temporary
Nothing in this world remains stationary
Just like dust your stay is transitory
These two traits, ‘humility and gratitude’
Can help you to acquire beatitude
Don’t forget your final abode
Where good deeds won’t be sold
Remember, the fables of the brave and the bold
All of them possessed ‘humility and gratitude’
From all this, you may conclude
It is the purity of our intentions
What Creator expects from his creation
Everything else is mere illusion
Being a human, demands ‘humility and gratitude’

Words - Fakiha Hassan Rizvi


Queue of Life

Stepped 19 today,
With thousands of dreams,
Millions of hopes,
but the rupee still floats.

Dreamed to travel
all across the world,
But they stopped me!
at the end of a queue.

Queue for life
moves so slow,
Jollity of our youth,
Faded in the middle of a row

They robbed,
They slaughtered,
They ruined,
The enthusiasm of life.

Made us living corpse,
Without any hopes,
Queue of life still moves so slow.

Words - N.A. Uduli Amaya


‘I Know What Love Is’

Love was born
long time ago
from the womb
of sanctity

Captivating hearts
tantalizing to eyes
magnetic to emotion
unrestrained all the way

Roams all over the place
to your soul
to your being
with such demand
like to reach whatever

To the moon and the stars
travel across the ocean
hike the mountains
just for the thrill of it

But the essence of love
is just within
to cherish
the enlightenment
the serene of joy

And to the contrary
the unexplainable pain
the mental anguish
the sacrifices
the craziness

But despite all of this
we submit to the demand
because love
is what it is

Words - Ency Bearis